Spotted in the Sunday Times sport section!

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wecomenottoplay replied to your post “Top 5 boybands”

I’m surprised boyzone aren’t in this list, they have similar songs to westlife

They will probably make it into top 10

Anonymous asked: "What about 5 seconds of summer"

They seem a bit better, not a big fan tho.

Anonymous asked: "1D though :("


Anonymous asked: "why not 1D ?"

Don’t like them or their music.

Anonymous asked: "No 1D or The Wanted"

1D? No thanks. The Wanted are great but not great enough to make it to top 5.

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Anonymous asked: "Top 5 boybands"

Westlife, Backstreet Boys, New Kids on The Block, Jackson 5, Boyz II Men

Anonymous asked: "Did I forget to mention that Dan's really good at cooking and likes it? Because he does, and it's adorable and he can make a mean pasta u.u you aren't gonna tell on us because I blurted it out in training and we did an extra hour in the weight room and I got smacked on the head from Stevie. How are you?-Skittles"

Of course, not like he has a choice. The poor lad. You are an idiot and a half. Why would you do that? I am shattered totally didn’t went and had a bit too much to drink


Cruella’s greatest feminist quote ♡