thebluesideofmyworld replied to your post “8, 9, 14, 28 and 56 :)”

ooohhh… so agree about Durm! (and Gotze too, actually *waiting for his fangirls to throw some hate at me*)

Ha ha ha same :)))

Anonymous asked: "You'd actually end up stabbing me in the eye, so I'm gonna keep shut-Skittles"

What did you do?o_O

mahika-v asked: "7, 13"

7. I was probably around 12-13?

13. Hmmmmm Theo Walcott, Arbeloa?, Gigi Buffon(he may be a bit older but he is still great),Ribery,Stevie aka the greatest gift to human kind.

Thank you :)

thebluesideofmyworld asked: "8, 9, 14, 28 and 56 :)"

8-Istanbul 2005, that’s all.

9-When Carra retired and Dan left.

14-Durm, Gotze, Giroud, 20 mil man and (Jesus Christ this is hard)  Oscar maybe?

28- Damn, basically all Liverpool legends and stuff. If I start thinking about it I will probably end up in tears.:))))

56-Every time Real wins Clasicos(I just don’t like Barca man:))) )

morscertio asked: "86, 93"

86-Daniel Agger,Mats Hummels,Stevie(have you seen those abs, dayum son) JT(I am going to hell, that’s sure),Marchisio maybe?


Skagger,Lamperry, Gerlonso(I barely can make a top 3 let alone top 5) ))))


1. Three teams you like

2. Three teams you do not like

3. A team you can’t tolerate and you do not even know why.

4. A team that surprised you in recent years (negative way or positive way)

5. The thing you like the most about your club or NT

6. The thing you…


Imagine having a threesome with your current icon and the icon you had before

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There will always be good Scouse kids. The passion here is too strong and I have always said that for a generation the two best England players have been Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard. That says it all.

6/? Favorite Players

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Anonymous asked: "You want JT's 3====D"


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Anonymous asked: "your love for jt is showing again"